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Moshiach Values

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Spiritual values

Touching is selfish,
not touching is respect.

If you love only the body, then you can’t love the soul.
But if you love the soul, then you will automatically love the body, forever...

Flaunt your beautiful soul, not your temporary body.

The true ego, is the G-dly ego, that transcends self.

One and one makes two, unless they have egos, then they make one and one.

No person is an island unto oneself, but s/he can be a universe, with G-d.

Conquering desires, leads to living on a higher plane.

Childish desires, leads to a wasted life.

Like gravity, being pulled down is natural, but the real trick is to rise above it all.

If a person is attached above, then s/he won’t fall below.

Humility, and altruistic motivations, unlock hidden worlds
that are buried deep within me.

By having humility, I become famous, with G-d.

What is important, is that G-d sees me, and knows who I am, and not other people.

An empty bottle has no value, so too an empty person.

Excel in your strengths, and improve your weaknesses.

It’s not my money, its Hashem’s money.
I make money, by investing money, in Tzedeka.
When I give money to the poor man, I become rich, spiritually.
Those who seek money, are not happy with money.
Money is finite, Mitzvahs are infinite.
You only live once, if you have no soul.

What makes me greater than you, is that I am kinder than you, more caring, sharing.
When I go beyond myself, my nature, I become great.
A big man is one, who talks to a “little” man.
If a simple person said a great thing, I would learn from him.
A star, is someone whose soul shines.
To be more, is to be less. More ego, less unity.
To be less, is to be more. Less limited- self, more infinite- us.

I am first, when I let you go first, to sit in the front.
Being first, is to be the first one to do a Mitzvah.
I am competing with myself, to always be better.

Being successful, is having health;
the opportunity to serve G-d;
and children that follow in my ways.

The goal is not, to get all the marbles.
The goal is, that everyone should get all the marbles.

Not taking, rather giving.

Being the first in the pecking order of life, makes one a chicken.

Survival of the fittest, or the survival of the soul.

Being born rich or smart, doesn’t make me rich or smart.
Being rich, is having knowledge of G-d.
I am judged by how much I tried, not how much I accomplished.
My value is based on how much effort I put into, trying to go beyond my natural abilities.
When I work hard to understand, then I am a genius.
What makes me smart, is when I realize that there is a G-d in the world.
A fool, is one that has a G-dly soul and squanders it.

An intelligent person, is one that looks beyond the surface.
S/He sees the good in everybody and in everything. S/He sees the true person.
S/He is not misled by distractions and flash.
A worthy person, is one that realizes, that everyone has worth.
You can’t judge a book by its cover, so too people.

Being prettier than you, does not make me better than you.
As I grow older I don’t decrease in value, rather I increase,

True beauty, is when I have refined character and behavior. Then I am ravishing.
A Yirah Shemayim person, has real, lasting beauty.

True beauty, transcends beauty.
I have to look deep, to see you, the real you.
If you want to look pretty, then you have to act beautiful.
Skin and bones, do not make a human being.

Love, is finding your Beshert, your soul-mate.

I find my Beshert, through talking, not touching.
Touching distracts, from the real you.

By being close, when we should be far,
we will be far, when we should be close.

Private parts, are just that, private.

Some people dress to reveal their bodies, others dress to reveal their souls.

A love that is based on bodies, will last about fifteen years, (age 20-35).
If one excites only one part of ones being, then the other part (the soul) suffers.

Having many children, doesn’t divide love, rather multiplies it.

A relationship, is when two people understand each others needs.

Guided emotions, is called true love.

You know that you truly love someone,
if you would still love them, after 60 years of marriage.

My wife, is the most special person in the world, because she married me.

A special wife, has a special husband, that made her special.

A handsome man, is a kind man.

Life based on physicality, when the organs wear out, so too life.

Mechanical love, is not human.

Two bodies can’t unite, two souls can.

Blood is thicker than water, but the soul is thicker than blood.

People who only have bodies, have no souls.

The most beautiful woman in the world, is the Rebbe’s wife.

When the shine wears off, the true relationship begins.

Something special, is only shown at certain times.

Hiding is mysterious; revealing is boring.

Our organs are gateways to infinity, that is why they are so attractive.

Relations are for a few minutes, but true love is forever.

Enslaved by the body, or reach the eternal?
Heat fuses, similarly problems unite husband and wife, man and G-d, spiritually.

When things always go right, we take it for granted,
when things don’t go right, we appreciate it, and grow.

What we have, we take for granted, what is forbidden we are drawn to.

If we would appreciate what we have, instead of what we don’t have,
we would be much happier.

Every person has value, because they are a creation of G-d.

Imperfection, is not an imperfection.

Any lacking one may have, is an opportunity for me to help,
and not a chance for me to put someone down.

We are all equal, striving to do our best.

If my foot hurts, my whole body feels it,
so too, if one person is in pain, the whole world feels it.
Peer Pressure

Following peer pressure, is for sheep.
The special ones, have the ability to choose, and rise above the average,
and reach the top.

For some, the world is a stage, and they are just actors,
for others, they write the play.

A Jew has to change the world, the world should not change the Jew.

Being rich, is having a rich life.
I am rich, when I control myself. Then I am a true success.
To live in an exclusive place, is to live in a holy place, or in a religious community.
Having a fancy Kiddush cup, is worth more, than having a fancy car.

A poor man, is one, that is poor in the knowledge of G-d.
How much I am worth, depends on how many Mitzvahs I did.
Worrying about my possessions, means that the more I have, the more I worry.
Time is precious, not money.

I am judged, by the money I don’t have, not by the money I have,
this being the money, I gave to charity.

Where I live, is not important, but how I live is.
Just because I have a better car, doesn’t mean, that I am better person.
Having more, is not being more.

Eating good food, is eating Kosher food.
A steak, that had a blessing made on it, is well-done.
The main thing, is not the fleeting taste, rather the lasting elevation.
How it looks, smells, and tastes, is not as important, as how Kosher it is.

More Kosher means, that it is more able to be assimilated by the soul.
It will not cause spiritual cholesterol, by blocking the vessels or channels that connect the soul to G-d.

A small hole in the body, creates a large hole in the soul.

Fancy clothes, are ones that conceal my animal parts,
and as a result, reveal my G-dly parts.

By showing less, I become more.

By making my private parts, public, I become nobody. I’ve sold my soul too cheap.

Just because it is exciting or titillating, doesn’t mean that it is the meaning of life.

Only by uncovering the fake person, can you reveal the real person.
Quality, not quantity.

When light is dissipated, it is weak,
but if it is focused it becomes powerful.
Physicality dissipates, whereas the discipline of spirituality is a laser to happiness.

The body is a holy vehicle, to reach the infinite.

Just because I am stronger than you, doesn’t make me better than you.
True strength, is to say that I am wrong, when I’m right.
Peace is the goal, not my territoriality.
Humility unites, ego separates.

True strength, is withstanding the winds of fickleness,
styles, fads, promotions, advertising, etc.

The media wants you to buy, then sells you down the river.

Regarding the Yetzer Hora, the first time is free, after that you pay.
To manipulate my Yetzer Hora, is true greatness.

I compete with myself, and not with you.
I am better than you, when I run faster than you, to help someone else.
I am better than you, when I run to do G-d’s Mitzvahs.
I always try to be the best, person that I can be.
I failed, because I didn’t try.

In the darkest moment, is hidden the greatest light.
One doesn’t grow, by taking the easy path.
When one has reached rock bottom, one can start to grow.

I realize that everything is guided by the “hand” of G-d,
as a result, bad things that happen don’t bother me as much.

A happy life, is seeing the beauty in everything and in everyone.
Doing more, is having more.
More Mitzvahs, more riches.
Machines don’t make one happy, people, and a G-dly life, do.
Leading an electronic life, eventually burns out. TV, is the opiate of the masses.
The greatest sound in the world, is the sound of a child laughing.

Happiness, is knowing that I did the right thing.
Happiness, is a result, not a goal.

Be a truth seeker, not a thrill seeker.

Reading fiction is one thing, living fiction is another.
The greatest high, is to become infinite.

A picture is worth a thousand words,
but an experience is worth a thousand pictures.

A life of meaning, is a meaningful life.

The ultimate goal, is to be the ultimate....
Life is a voyage. The ship is the body, and we are given the steering wheel, free-choice.

A circle can be viewed as going nowhere, or to be infinite. So too life.

If a person just skims the surface s/he will eventually drown.
A life of a plant, does not flower.
A person that is not connected spiritually, cuts oneself off physically.
Spiritual slavery, is not being able to express ones true potential.
Freedom is connecting with my true nature.
The happiest point in life, is fulfilling my purpose in life.
Having it all, is uniting the spiritual and the physical.

Being a well rounded person, is connecting with my soul.
The soul is like a muscle, if you don't use it, you lose it.
To be great, is to be spiritually complete.
Body is division, the soul is unity.
The more religious, the closer to G-d.

If you feed a tiger, (the animal soul), it only gets bigger.
Don’t only feed it, guide it.
Physical beauty, is a reflection of inner beauty.
Elevated, not degraded. Respected, not used. Give, don’t take.
Ego is like a melting ice cube, that has no substance. It’s like chasing the wind.
We compete with ourselves.
Constantly trying, is constantly being successful.
Clothes don’t make the man, the man makes the clothes.

Free-choice is a G-dly power, one chooses G-d.
Transcend, not transgress.
Time, a thought, a feeling, an action, a life.

Physicality is constantly deteriorating; spirituality is constantly growing.

The highest pleasure, is G-dly pleasure;
but you have to be a vessel, in order to be able to receive it.

G-d recreates the world every moment,
so every moment, is an opportunity to come closer to G-d.

Creation and Creator, meet at man.

The book of life- Chassidus.

The Rebbe, is the Tzadik‘s Tzadik.
Being connected to the Rebbe, is being connected to the truth.
Be a King for a day, do a Mitzvah.

Man transforms lifeless matter, into a heart that feels,
a mind that thinks, a life that achieves, a living being.

Why crawl, when you can fly…

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