Monday, June 8, 2009


© 2005

Truth, such an elusive word,
everyone seems to think it's absurd.
If there is an Absolute Truth,
why doesn't everyone follow suit?
It should be so obvious,
why is it hidden and oblivious?

Well, Hashem had an eternal plan,
He made an animal soul, to put in man.
This is what makes a person rationalize,
what he sees with his eyes.
He has something that he desires,
then he builds his "truth" around the fires.

Just as a child thinks life is a toy,
adults can live a life, with no true joy.
Man can justify his every act,
but the standard of truth, is how we measure the fact.

Truth can only be had,
when one is objective, and it's not a fad.
The truth has to come first,
then it guides the emotional burst.
At first the animal soul can't understand,
the elevated being, of man.
But like a child, that can mature,
it eventually begins, to be pure.

Truth, we have to rise up to its wit,
we have to work hard, to understand it.

Just as the laws of physics are always around,
so, too, the laws of spiritual physics, are to be found.
There is a whole world on another plane,
it's just as real, as this one that's insane.
Certain things, are eternal and meaningful,
while others don't matter, and are superficial.

Truth is something, that doesn't change with time,
it's the blueprint of the world, and is sublime.

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