Monday, June 8, 2009

Butterfly (Mikva)

© 2005

Water, seemingly such a simple thing,
what possible holy benefit, can it bring?

It has no color or taste,
sometimes, we just let it go to waste.

But hidden under its simplicity,
is a force to unite, with G‑dly purity.

An apple has to be connected with its source, to grow,
just as we have to reconnect, with our G‑dly flow.

The waters of a Mikvah reunite one, with their source,
so that the soul that comes down, is pure and not coarse.

But you have to be clean, before you go in,
for there can be no obstruction, of the water's holy din.
Water gives sustenance to mankind all year,
and from out of its waters, comes life so dear.

The miracle of life, is a G‑d given gift,
and the Mikvah makes one, a vessel for it.
You enter another world, the fountain of youth,
you feel new and fresh, and that's the truth.

Just as a seed, has to disappear,
in order, for a tree to grow here,

the physical body is totally immersed,
and disappears for a moment, which is a first.

It becomes one, with the pure water,
transcending its boundaries, of matter.

So, too, a small cocoon sheds its skin,
to become a glorious butterfly,

only then can it spread its wings,
and begin to soar and fly.

Its true beauty is then revealed,
after having been concealed.

For Torah, you see,
unveils the best, in you and me.

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