Monday, June 8, 2009

No Strings Attached (Tzitzis)

© 2005

I have Tzitzis, that I always wear,
and even when I sleep, I have a pair.

It surrounds my whole body,
and wherever I go, it goes with me.

It has four corners, that fit very tight,
because Hashem hugs me, with all His might.
The strings are tied, in a special way,
that represent all the Mitzvahs, that we do each day.

And when I see them hanging down,
I remember that Hashem is all around.

My mom says, there are strings attached,
because there is a catch,

when I put them on every day,
there is a blessing I have to say.
My Tzitzis are made out of wool,
because that's the best material.

They are part of my uniform,
they show that a Jew, I was born.

My father also has a big one,
that he wears when he prays.

He says it makes him feel,
like an angel when he sways.
When I say Shema every day,
I kiss my Tzitzis, in a special way.

These little strings, are so dear to me,
I'm so proud, I want my mom to see....

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