Monday, June 8, 2009

The End of Time

© 2005

Fleeting time has stopped for a moment, its energy spent. Its seeming infinity, suddenly made finite. Humbled in the presence of the majestic light.

No past, no present, no future. An instant that deifies physics. A G-dly point, where creation meets Creator.

Time, it flows onward, never looking back. It has only one desire, to reach the end, which is the beginning. It is here today, but gone tomorrow.

It zooms along on its journey, with each instant, impatiently pushing the next. Moving, changing, evolving.
But now time has increased its pace. Sensing that its end is near, it excitedly leaps forward at break neck speed. Anxious to reach infinity, it recklessly races along, disregarding all that is in its path.

Traveling at the speed of light, it races across the universe. Everything is swept up in its wake. Destiny is quickly approaching, eagerly waiting to be fulfilled.
You can be one with time, or fight time, but it is inevitable.
Time waits for no man, but man can guide time.

But the time, is now.

Past, present, and future are now one, the boundaries having melted. Transcending time and space, there is no time, it has ceased to exist. It was only a mirage, a tool, a means to an end, that was used to reach our destiny.

We reach another dimension, where we escape its tyranny, it destruction, free of its dictatorial restraints. To where there is only vitality and elevation.

Eternity, where time ceases to exits, its purpose having been fulfilled.

The past has met the future, and they are embracing. They cry about the past, but smile about the future. It is finally over. The waves of time have now purified the creation, allowing it to shine in all its brilliance.

Time has emerged from the purifing Mikvah, it is a new creation, now ready to enter the marriage canopy with its Creator, in an eternal unity, that can never be broken.

The envious universe looks on in wonder, dancing with joy, as the cup is broken and the Chason and Kallah say LeChaim!

As their gift to the young couple, the stars shine brightly, spreading their light across the universe. The moon’s face is beaming with joy, glowing with a warming radiance. The wind blows a cool breeze, also wanting to participate.
The last grains of the sands of time, are emptying out. Having blown for centuries, faithfully measuring the passing moments. Like a slide-show, each grain carries a different event, but when looked at in totality, each event paints the masterpiece of the Geulah.

The past, now to be viewed from the lens of eternity, was only a passing blip. A job well done, now completed.
The time, is Eruv Shabbos Kodesh. The place, is the gateway to infinity, the Beis HaMikdosh. The soul, is unlimited, Moshiach.

Time has come full circle, returning to its source. Now there is no beginning, or end.

Time, has run out of time.......

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