Monday, June 8, 2009

Freedom (Pesach)

© 2005

For eight days I can't eat pizza, what a bore,
no bread, no macaroni, oh, I'm so sore.

I don't even like Matzah, it's so flat,
it has no taste, it's just like a mat.

I like the four cups of wine, they're so good,
but when I'm not thirsty, I'd like to stop if I could.

But you know, Matzah represents humility,
and that is what really, makes us free.

Bread has yeast, that makes it blown up,
this shows on the bad ego, that makes us corrupt.
So when we eat Matzah on Passover,
we acquire the ability, to be humble the year over.

Then when we eat bread the rest of the year,
we will have positive pride in being a Jew, and not fear.

We eat and drink on Passover, not for health or taste,
but because Hashem said, after we left Egypt with haste.

We drink four cups of wine, to the end,
because there are four levels in creation, that we transcend.

Before leaving Egypt, and getting the Torah so beautiful,
we first had to realize, Hashem is all powerful.

We merited to be taken out,
because of our faith, we had no doubt.

Hashem made ten plagues, so the world would know,
that He's in control of nature, it's not just a show.
Each year on the Seder night, when we tell the story again,
we realize that Hashem is the One, who helps us to win.

The world is not something, separate from Him,
for He could stop creating it, on a whim.

But He wants the world, to reach great heights,
so man has free-will, to rise and do what's right.

This is what it means, to be free,
to not be bound by physicality.

By working every day, in a Torah way,
we combine body and soul, in the ultimate way.

Then we can truly say, "Next year
in Jerusalem", because Moshiach will be here!

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