Friday, June 5, 2009


© 2005

Hi, my name is Yitzi, and I'm three years old,
I live in Booba land, and it's the greatest, I've been told.

I like cake and pie,
and oh, yes, to fly.

I like to play in puddles all day,
and jumping in water is great, I'll say.

I have my favorite blanket, that I hold tight,
it protects me from the night.

Here I can do, whatever I like,
after all I'm a booba, and I play with my trike.
But you know, what I like best,
is to have hugs from my mommy, and get kissed.

She squeezes me, until I almost burst,
I turn all red, and it hurts.

But I know she cares, and that's the main thing,
because that makes me feel so good, I could sing.

She wants to help me, be the best I can be,
she helps me to know, what's right, it's the key.

She says, I have a diamond inside,
that has to be polished with pride.

So she says the Shema with me everyday,
and teaches me how to pray.

I also give Tzedekah when I wake up,
in my very own Pushke cup.
My mother tells me stories of Tzaddikim,
telling of people, and how to treat them.

I also learn the Aleph Bet,
so when I go to school, I can know the alphabet.

She told me, how to say blessings in my seat,
before and after, everything I eat.
Oh yes, I learned to say Baruch Hashem,
I say it whenever I can, it's a real gem.

So I say, Baruch Hashem it's so fine,
that Hashem made, a mother like mine.

Baruch Hashem!

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