Friday, June 5, 2009

Thank G-d

© 2005

1.Thank G‑d for the sun, moon, and the stars so far away,
that softly glisten, so high in the Milky Way.

2. For soaring mountains, and flowing seas,
whose gentle waters, always put me at ease.

3. For summer, winter, spring, and fall,
whose falling leaves I played in, when I was so small.

4. Warm sunshine and big blue skies,
whose overwhelming beauty, moistens my eyes.

5. For the plants, animals, birds, and little bumble bee,
who all live together, so peacefully.

6. Tall trees, green grass, and soft flower petals,
whose wondrous fragrance, on gentle meadows settles.

7. Old friends, who are there in time of need,
who always are ready, to do a good deed.

8. Birthdays, holidays, and weddings,
that only come once in a while, but are such happy settings.

9. For mommies and daddies, and sweet little babies,
who gurgle and giggle, and eat their little toesies.

10. Baby sisters and little brothers,
who are always crying, for their mothers.

11. Big smiles, tender feelings, and tears of joy and thanksgiving,
that all make life worth living.
But most of all, thank G‑d for G‑d, and His infinite Creation,
Who made this whole world, for man and his elevation.

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