Monday, June 8, 2009


© 2005

The blazing light, shakes me from my deep slumber. My hand swiftly rises to cover my eyes, as the pain from the intense light shoots through my body. Dazed, I wonder if I am awake or still asleep and dreaming.

Then I realize that it is not a dream. I force myself to sit up, as I frantically shake my mind to full awareness. I realize that something wondrous must have occurred, and I ponder what it could be.

As I get used to the light, I slowly uncover my face, and my eyes explore the landscape. What I see shakes me to my very being! What happened? My mind races to find an answer.

As I peer out the window in amazemen,t I sense that the world will never be the same. Forever changed. I am frozen in wonderment, as nothing looks the same.
In my garden, I see fruits that yesterday were grapes, but today look like gigantic balloons. They are a deep, lush purple. Each grape is so full of sweet juice, that it looks as though it will explode at any moment.

The tomatoes I just planted last week, are now not only fully grown and ripe, but the size of watermelons. I have never seen a more beautiful color of red, in my life.

The branch, although also larger, is barely able to hold the weight of its wondrous burden.

The squirrel, instead of constantly running around as before, is now just sitting on the ground next to the cat, each enjoying the others company. The cat starts to lick the bird, as though cleaning it. The bird then flies up to the top of the tree, and brings back a piece of delicious orange for the cat to eat. Each one sharing and helping the other. Its beautiful.
I can’t believe my eyes. What’s happened? A question with no answer, leaves me in a quandary, that I can’t shake. My mind searches to find an answe,r only to realize, that it has none. I can’t bear the feeling.

As I look around I realize, that everything is brighter, richer, has more life, more energy, more peace. The sky looks cleaner, fresher. The light breaks through the heavens, as though the air has become crystal clear; allowing the light to penetrate directly, without any obstruction. Yesterdays cold winter, is today’s warm summer day.

A happiness surges through me. Why am I so happy, what happened? Everything looks happy! The birds are chirping, and flying aimlessly about, as they dance in the sky in a drunken delirium. Prancing about, to and fro. I uncontrollably jump out of bed, and begin to dance myself. Jumping up and down, and then somersaulting with endless energy. I feel exalted!

It seems that the creation, has now been directly plugged into its life force, G-d. I hurriedly get dressed, and say morning Brachas. As I say each word, it seems to reverberate across the universe, carrying an infinite energy. I then scamper outside.
The air smells different, it feels different. What happened? I drunkenly roll in the lush grass, just to feel closer to G-d’s creation. It is so much fun!

I jump up, and run over to the apple tree, whose fruit is the size of a basketball. I grab an apple with both arms, and take the biggest bite you could ever imagine! Its taste explodes in my mouth, and rolls through my body! I have never tasted anything like that, in my whole life. The shock stuns me for a moment.

This can’t be real, I must still be dreaming, but what a dream!
The bruise I had yesterday when I fell, is gone, there is no pain!

Everything is perfect. The trees are gently swaying, the animals are playing together, everything looks as though it is smiling. Everything is one, totally enjoying each another. One family, sharing life together. I feel as though, I am gently floating on a cloud.
I wonder if I am the only one, who feels this way, and sees all this?

All of the sudden, I see my worst enemy running towards me in the distance. I have never seen anybody run so fast. I instinctively also start to run towards him. As we crash in an embrace that takes away our breath, he can barely say: “Shimon I love you!” I breathlessly answer: “Levy I love you!”

We fall to the ground, endlessly rolling together. Just enjoying the sharing of each other. The entire universe, seems to be watching and laughing, sharing our joy.
The cat and the bird, are sitting up, and also observing our frolicking. Taking our cue, they also start to roll in the grass.

Has the world gone crazy, this is not normal. We uncontrollably laugh and giggle, like two children. We can’t stop laughing, as we dizzily roll back and forth.
Suddenly, we both stop and look at each other in the eye, and simultaneously realize what has happened.

At the top of our lungs we both scream out, “Moshiach!!!!!!”

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