Friday, June 5, 2009


© 2005

I'm only giving you, if you give me.
"Well, I'm only giving you, if you give me."

You're not making me happy.
"Well, you're not making me happy."

Everything should be perfect,
there should be no problems.
If only I had done,
if only I had married...

If I only had,
if only I was...

False expectations, distort reality,
making things conditional, is folly.
Give unconditionally, then you'll see,
that you'll become happy.

Emphasize the positive, at every chance,
then you'll have relationships, that enhance.

Also with children, love unconditionally,
but at the same time, request growth continually.

Respect other's feelings and sensitivities,
and you'll find, you become one, with no difficulties.

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