Friday, June 5, 2009

The Package

© 2005

I was minding my own business, walking down the road,
when all of a sudden, he rushed over to me with a load.

He said, "Take this package personally, to California,
the address is written on the top for ya."

He then left without saying a word,
and I stood there wondering, how absurd.
Who does that nut think I am,
do I look like a fool, with the head of a ram?

Does he think I'm going to waste my time and money,
without any reason, boy is that funny."
The same thing happened a few days later,
but this time it was my father, and he had a letter.

He said, "Take this to California and hurry,
I can't tell you why," he then left in a scurry.

Well what could I do, he's my father,
I took the letter, even though it was a bother.

I gave up my time and my money,
because that's what it means, to love somebody.
The fact that it was hard,
And that I didn't understand,

showed that I really cared,
I was willing to lend a helping hand.

Doing menial things, can also make the difference,
it shows we care enough, to do even this with deference.
The same is true, of our relationship with Hashem.

If we do something that is difficult,
and seems to not make any sense,

then we really have a relationship with Him,
that's not based on dollars and cents.
There is the Torah on the one hand,
then the Giver of the Torah, beyond what we understand.

We need to unite with the Giver first,
in order to see the Torah's holiness and worth.

This makes it different than anything else,
it's infinite like its Creator, transcending self.

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