Friday, June 5, 2009

Coming Home (Shabbos)

© 2005

Another week has passed,
we've changed the world, hopefully for the best.

But now, it's time to reflect,
we've come full circle, back to the beginning.
Like the body and soul, the week and Shabbath unite,
hand in hand they join, coming home.

After leaving each other for awhile,
they now return, interwoven, one.

The journey seeming as far as East to West,
yet in reality, only turning around one step.
The week now is far behind,
as though it never existed.

As my wife lights the Shabbath candles,
she vitalizes the air with sanctity.

The flame is happily dancing,
illuminating the entire world.
As I look at the table with the Challoth covered,
and the candles shimmering,

I feel I'm entering another dimension,
of inner peace and contentment.

As I lift my goblet to make Kiddush,
I feel my body quiver with excitement.

Here we stand together,
as space and time, melt before our very eyes.
In our mind's eye, we perceive the elusive.
In the midst of our hearts, we feel a tremendous glowing.

We've come home,
to our being.

One, united, together.... Home.

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