Monday, June 8, 2009

United Forever

© 2005

The souls turn has finally come. Waiting for centuries to fulfill its galactic mission. Only now, has the time arrived, conception has taken place.

The excited soul says good-bye to all its friends as it leaves its G-dly abode. Going on a journey, to it knows not where. Leaving to a strange dimension, that makes other souls shutter. But realizing, that this is the fruition of is creation. Hidden potential, that has to be actualized.

As it makes it way down into the physical world, it wonders with trepidation, what tests await it. After having heard many tales, of woe.

As it reaches the known barrier, it automatically separates into two. Each part of the soul, says good-bye to the other. Sadly looking back at each other one last time, but with the realization, that one day they will be together again. When they will find each other, and become one again in marriage.

Each soul is then united with its chosen body. Becoming a female and a male. As the each child grows up, and starts to do Mitzvahs, its soul-mate is also affected, and is elevated by every act.

When he puts on Teffilan, she, on a hidden level, feels it to her depth. And when she lights Shabbos candles, his soul shines like the sun.

But, yet, unconsciously they both realize, that they are missing something. And as time goes on, the drive becomes more powerful. Until they can’t take it any longer, and strike out in search for one another. They leave no stone unturned, in their frantic search for their lost mate.

Finally they meet, and the soul realizes, that this is the one. But in a cruel game of free-choice, they consciously don’t realize it.

But after speaking to one another, they have no doubts, that this is the one. Reunited again, but now reaching levels, that are far beyond, what they previously could know.

The creation is struck in awe, as they unite under the Chupah, finally fusing into one, forever....

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