Monday, June 8, 2009

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

© 2005

You, me, here today, gone tomorrow,
I can’t take the sorrow.
Work hard, reach the top,
I don’t know when to stop.
Roulette, Juliet,
is it over yet?
You win, I lose, which way should I chose?

Cash in the chips, its a game,
its insane, and I can’t take the pain.
From John Doe to Aristotle,
everybody wants the dollar.

Jet set, get set,
I‘m flying high, in the sky.
Fancy clothes, fancy cars,
I’m going to all the bars.
First London, then France,
Hey, do you want to dance?
Life’s a roller coaster, up, down,
it only makes me frown.

Get the car, get the money,
oh it’s so funny.

You say yes, I say no,
which way should I go.

Its been way too long,
I wish it was only a song.

Tricycle, motorcycle, spin the wheels,
I can’t tell you how it feels.

Playing on the beach in the sun.
oh what fun?
Take it easy, don’t get upset,
it isn’t over yet.
Fly high like a kite,
until your out of sight.

Hey look your winning,
and the wheel of life, keeps spinning.
From darkness comes light,
that is out of sight.

An explosion of joy, you feel like your flying,
and now you can’t stop smiling.
Torah and Mitzvos are the cure.
Try it yourself, just to be sure.

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