Monday, June 8, 2009

The Soul Connection

© 2005

Six days a week and the Shabbos,
have to be kept separate to be Kodesh.

Cohanim, Leviim, and Israelites,
are all different as day and night.

Meat and milk are great,
but together trouble they make.

Man and wife are very precious,
yet certain times they can't touch.

If we are trying to make unity,
what is to be gained by all this frivolity.
But as a filter holds back the bad,
and lets through the good,
so too a Mitzvah, holds back the corporal,
and lets the G‑dliness shine through, as it should.

Fire and water must be kept separate,
they cannot come together‑ but wait!
They can be "united" with a pot.
The warmth of the fire, then can make the water hot.
The pot becomes a filter,
that helps transcend the kilter.
Things are normally mutually exclusive,
but the spiritual level is inclusive.
This is achieved through a Mitzvah's light,
which transcends a thing's boundary and unites.

So people become much closer and eternal,
by going beyond the external.
They make the soul connection,
which is the ultimate perfection.
Like sunglasses, that let the sun shine through,
I am able to see the real you.

In Torah, there is no true separation or lane,
only stepping stones, that reach another plane.
The "do not's" in Torah, are not restrictive,
rather they free us, from the negative.

May we all become windows, and without a doubt,
we'll allow the light of Hashem, to shine in, and out!

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