Monday, June 8, 2009

Soul Food (Kosher)

© 2005

I like Kosher food, it's so good,
I eat it everyday, as I should.

My mother says, it makes me healthy,
and I will grow up, spiritually wealthy.

She says, if it's good for my soul, it's good for my body,
so I eat it all the time, I'm not naughty.

Just as cholesterol, gets cloged my veins,
non‑kosher food, makes my soul have pains.

I only eat kosher meat, that's killed mercifully,
because I don't like things, done cruelly.

Everyone knows, you are what you eat,
so if you eat coarse animals, you become meat.
It has to have both split hooves, and chew its cud,
these are the signs Hashem made, so we know it's good.

Only fish, that have both fins and scales,
are the ones that I eat, but not whales.
I don't eat meat and milk together,
because they don't mix, in any kind of weather.

And whenever I eat meat,
I wait six hours, before a milk treat.

But when I eat milk first,
I only wait one hour before a meat course.

At times, meat represents cruelty, and milk kindness,
so when mixed together, they affect my coarseness.

But when they are kept separate,
they don't affect my temperament.
But the real reason we eat Kosher food,
is just because Hashem said that it's good.

We can only understand a little bit,
because after all, Hashem is beyond human wit.

So I eat Kosher every day,
because it's the Jewish way!

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