Monday, June 8, 2009


© 2005

The stark ground lies silent, lifeless.
Suddenly, it mysteriously seems to quiver.
Yes, it’s true, as it again imperceptibly moves,
but then, returns to its former sleepy state.
After a few more heroic attempts, the tiny sprig pushes its way out into the blinding light.
Unnoticed, it stands proudly on the rolling landscape.
It playfully stretches here and there, trying out its new found being.
As the gentle rain falls upon its face, it drinks in the life-giving waters.
Slowly it begins to grow, rising to the heavens to praise Hashem’s glory.

Then, quietly, a tiny bud begins to appear, waiting for the right moment to reveal its secret.
It waits patiently, until finally the special moment has arrived.
Hesitantly, it pushes its tiny head out.
Slowly, the glorious flower begins to emerge.

Finally, the light twinkles, as it is reflected on its tender petals.
As it blossoms, its wondrous colors shine in all their splendor.
What was once still earth, is now an orchestra of light and smell.
Life, pulsating in all directions.
Simple life, yet not so simple.

One illustrious part of G-d’s creation.
Multiply by infinity, and you have G-d’s world, revealing His glory...

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