Friday, June 5, 2009

Give and Take

© 2005

G‑d created the earth complete,
the earth gives to the plant, what it seeks.

The plant takes from the ground,
then gives to animals and man, all year round.

The animal takes, from the plant's substance,
and gives to mankind, its sustenance.

Man's body takes, from plant and animal,
and then is elevated, through a Mitzvah's channel.

Man takes from man,
then gives back, as much as he can.

The poor take from the rich, charity,
and give the rich, a chance to grow continually.

A student takes from his teacher,
then in turn, makes other students richer.

A child takes from his parents,
then in turn, gives to its child guidance.

During the week, we do work that's physical,
then Shabbos elevates it, to a high pinnacle.

The soul unites with the body, giving it life, so dear,
so man can unite the lowest, with the highest, without peer.
The earth is elevated through man,
returning it back to G‑d, once again.

Now the circle is complete.

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