Monday, June 8, 2009


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Everything in the spiritual realm, is reflected in the physi­cal realm.

Just as on Shabbath, there is a public and a private domain,

so too, on a personal level.

A person is a microcosm, a small world.
The private domain, are one's soul and private parts.
The public domain, one's face and hands, and the outside world. Clothes, are the dividing line.

In the holy Temple, we also found the "parochet" or curtain. Within laid the Holy of Holies; outside, the mundane.
By keeping the separation, we keep the infinity.
but uncovering, makes one finite.

The same holds true of relationships.
If private, they are special and personal,
if not, they are demeaning.

By respecting one's privacy, we respect the person.
In Judaism, we count people indirectly by counting straws.

This is because, a person has an infinite soul and infinite value.

If counted directly, in effect they become like any physical object. The humanity of a person, is then lost.

The word private, only applies in human terms. In non‑human terms, there is only something concealed or hidden. In spir­itual terms, it means personal, and special. It infers a sense of respect and awe.

Animals have nothing private.
The things we hear, see, and eat, can pollute our private domain.

When we do Mitzvoth, we reveal the private domain, in the public domain.

In the future world, we will live only in the private domain of the Shabbath. This being the times of Moshiach.

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