Friday, June 5, 2009

Mirage (Values)

© 2005

Being intelligent- is what I want to be,
I know more than anyone else, look at me.

Strength- is the key to life,
everyone looks, when I walk by, with my wife.

Honor- is what I seek,
I'm so great, and not at all meek.

Power‑ it's the key,
to be in control, for all to see.

Money- buys everything you need,
what else is there, but greed?

Beauty- makes everyone envious,
they all want to be glamorous.

I can't let anyone, ahead of me,
it's competition and jealousy, don't you see.

Why, it's where you live, and the car you drive,
that makes all the difference, and makes you feel alive.

Who you know, that's most important,
associate with the great, then you're not subordinate.

Be famous, an author, or a movie star,
then people really like you, for who you are.

You have to fit into the society around you,
that's the true reality, to follow their cue.
A mirage which seems to be as real as can be,
is what people run after, who can't see.

After a hundred‑and‑twenty no one remembers or cares,
being judged by man, is empty and bare.

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