Sunday, July 5, 2009



Have you ever wondered where is the heart and soul of Judaism? Do you feel, that it has no life, no meaning, no emotion? Did you ever want an explanation of Judaism, in a simple, fun way?

All these are reasons, this blog was made.

This blog attempts, to give insights and meaning, into the beauty of Judaism, in a very concise, and interesting manner.
If one can't see inside something, how does one know when it's full? When it begins to overflow.

When one enjoys something a lot, one eventually reaches a point, when one wants to share one's feelings with others.

These articles attempt, to express the feelings of someone, who was touched in a place, never touched before.
Each one of us has an ember within us, that at times seems to have gone completely out; then suddenly, a gentle wind blows on it, making it flare up into a blazing fire.

May these articles, be that gentle wind.

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