Friday, June 5, 2009


© 2005

Hello mother, hello father,
I hope that I am, not too much bother.

I'm only one month old now,
but I'm sure you wish, I were older somehow.
But do you want to know something,
I wish I were back there, where I could sing.

It was so nice,
no troubles and no worries,

I just laid around,
and read stories.

But I was sent here, with a mission,
that I have, to bring to fruition.

I have to bring Moshiach now,
so please tell me how.
I want to pray everyday,
and be careful about what I say.

So let's get started with the lessons,
I want to know how to say blessings.

Back there I learned all of Torah,
but somehow I forgot, because of the euphoria.

Can you please help me,
to jog my memory?
I liked Mishnah and Gemorah,
and I liked the deeper Torah.

So teach me everything you can,
so that I can grow up, to be a great man.

I want to be the one,
who brings Moshiach, I want to run.

So tell me mother, and father too,
what is it that I have to do?

I know you had me, so that you could kiss me,
but please help me, to unlock the mystery.

That's why I cry so loud,
because I want to make you proud.

I like lollipops and ice cream,
but I want to learn Torah so much, I could scream!

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