Friday, June 5, 2009

Sensitive Soul

© 2005

There are many windows, to the soul,
they allow the outside world, in to stroll.

But the soul is sensitive, to G‑dliness,
it doesn't relate, to unholiness.
When you see something bad,
the soul becomes coarsened, isn't that sad.

When you hear something not so good,
your soul jumps back, and would hide if it could.

When you eat food, that the soul can't assimilate,
it throws up, and regurgitates.

When you think, only corporal things,
the soul dries up, and can't sing.

These make the soul, dirty and calloused,
it can't shine, with all that ballast.
And when we do actions, that transgress,
we lower our entire being's, holiness.

Hashem doesn't punish us, it's the natural course,
we punish ourselves, when we act without remorse.

Our soul's attachment above, is weakened,
our true life and happiness, become threatened.
A person naturally, wants to protect their body,
but spiritually, they don't realize they're haughty.

We need to put shades on our windows, that's the test,
and let only light in, and filter out the rest.

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