Friday, June 5, 2009



Life is a wave, that flows in and out,up and down,
is that what it's all about?

People are kind, people are cruel,
the world we live in, has no golden rule.

We grow, we have children who we hope will be good,
but who knows the end, or even if we should.

Money comes hard, so very hard,
but some have it easy, and pay it no regard.

Health is a gift from above that no one appreciates,
we start out strong, and then we depreciate.
So why do we keep putting one foot in front of the other,
what keeps us going, further and further?

Here I stand at the junction of time,
leading a life seemingly, with no reason or rhyme.
But you know what keeps me going?
It's the fact that I am, continually growing.

Knowing who I am, makes it worth the fighting.
Life is rich, full, and so exciting.

For I am a creation of G‑d,
but you'll have to look, beyond the facade.

I'm not just going through the motions,
because each move I make, causes supernal commotions.

The plants, the animals, and even the earth,
all depend on man, and his birth.

Now I am one with creation,
and the source of its elevation.

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