Friday, June 5, 2009


© 2005

I remember my grandfather, he was from Europe.
He used to pray and study.

My grandmother, used to always say something called Tehillim.
They spoke Yiddish, but I never learned it.

My father was born in America.
He never studies or prays.

My mother was born in America.
She doesn't know what Tehillim is.

I was told I was Jewish.
I think it means we like chicken soup.
But you know, there is something I just can't seem to forget.
I'll never forget the look on my grandfather's face, whenever he would study something called Torah.

It would shine like a thousand suns.
He would always learn in a sing‑song, rocking back and forth.
I'm sorry my children, never met my grandparents.

My children don't want anyone to know, we're Jewish.
They say that Judaism is something in the past, "We have to be modern."

I wonder how many Jews, fought and died throughout history so that my children, could be here today and say those words.

Only a memory, to be forgotten...

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