Friday, June 5, 2009

Lukshon Kugel

© 2005

How did people ever live without Lukshon Kugel?
So sweet, so good, for those who are frugal.

All those centuries, that went by filled with strife,
with people not knowing, the meaning of life.

Until one day Mrs. Kugel,
made her invention, the Lukshon Kugel!
A guarantee to cure all ills,
make one rich and famous, oh, what a thrill!
Lukshon kugel, such a seemingly simple solution,
to ages and ages of war, and pollution.
How could anyone want to fight,
after eating Lukshon Kugel, all night!

Why, after eating only one bite,
I sleep for days, with no end in sight.

So my friend, take it from me,
if you want to save humanity,
start telling everyone, to forget about strudel,
and start eating, Lukshon Kugel!

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