Monday, June 8, 2009

The Promise (The Beis HaMikdosh)

© 2005

There were two holy Temples in past history,
that were destroyed, oh, such misery.
They were in the holiest city,
which is Jerusalem, such a pity.

Miracles were seen, in the Temple constantly,
there the laws of nature were broken, continually.

Through the service that was done there,
the whole world was elevated, with little fanfare.

When an animal was used on the Temple mount,
the entire animal kingdom, was elevated as a result.
When the incense offerings were brought,
the vegetable kingdom's ascent, was sought.

Even the seventy nations of the time,
brought offerings during Succoth, so sublime.
Teshuvah had to preface every offering,
otherwise it would accomplish nothing.

Now Teshuvah can be done every moment,
with Yom Kippur helping us, to reach the summit.

Now we elevate in a different way,
through making blessings on food, each day.
Man's table with salt, is the altar,
making the food he eats, a holy offer.
The Temple was man's door to Hashem,
whenever he wanted, he could go to Him.
Now prayer has replaced the Temple service,
and we can always approach Hashem, without a fuss.

But the third Temple is the one, we are waiting for,
it will be permanent, and Hashem's glory, it will restore.
Then the world will reach a level, never before seen,
everything will be fresh and clean.

Moshiach will build the third Temple,
he will complete Hashem's promise, so simple.

There is a potential Moshiach, in every generation,
just waiting to be revealed, through man's transformation.

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