Monday, June 8, 2009

Looking Good?

© 2005

Bodies, bodies,
looking good, like you should.
I can’t wait, don’t hesitate.
The more you get,
the more you want.

Meat market,
why not flaunt it.
Show a little,
show a lot.
Tan, dark brown,
I can’t frown.

Make-up here, make-up there,
just look at my hair.
Long and brown, short and blond.

Cute, cute thing.
Oh, I want to sing.
Tight, tight, out of sight.
Lots of fun, if I win.

Addiction is the affliction.
Like drug that you ingest.
They call it love, but where’s the love?

Body, only an assortment of parts?
Oh, by the way what’s your name?
It doesn’t really matter it’s all the same.

It like wiping your hand on a towel,
then throw it away, with no feeling.
The eyes see, the heart wants.
But G-d wants more.
The body is only a loan,
and soon it will go home.
If abused, it will be refused.
It is meant to be a vehicle for elevation,
and not for temptation.

The thrill of G-dliness shoots through my veins.
The love of Torah is pure energy.
Angels just look in awe.

Feed the soul and not just the body,
then we can have a real party!

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