Monday, June 8, 2009

The Eye of the Storm

© 2005

Like any other summer day, the gentle breeze blows against my face, seemingly like a thousand times before. Yet this one precipitates, something unforeseen.

The wind picks up in force, blowing objects effortlessly about. Suddenly the wind stops. We foolishly think that it is over, only to start again. For there has never been a wind like this.

Strangely, the winds intensity increases. Only now, do people begin to take notice. Heavier objects are being tossed about. We run to try to save what we can.

Then there is an eerie quite. Peace seems to have returned. We still think it is just a passing storm, but the contractions have only begun.....
The wise sage has told us, what needs to be done. But we are too distracted to listen.

The winds continue in stages, of quite and then frenzy. The quite times lull us into complacency, until the next storm arrives. We think that we can just sit and ride it out, but that is not the plan. We are discovering, that nature, is not natural.
There are those, who understand the winds of change, and know how to control them. They follow the wise sage’s directions. They sit in the eye of the storm, and know peace. The wind is sent not to destroy, but rather to blow away the covers and reveal the truth. To break the rules that have governed for ages, that now give way to another dimension.

The world is stretched to its limits, and beyond. Infinite light, entering finite darkness.

Creator and creation, are becoming one. Like Jonah on the shaking ship, the world is realizing, that the storm is because of the Jews.

A rendezvous with destiny, that is in our hands. Free-choice, a blessing to be used, or potential never to be actualized. Which will it be......
The wind returns, with a wildness, that surprises even the most veteran. Becoming a twisting tornado, racing across the universe. Nations are in turmoil. Panicking. Foolishly thinking, that the end is near.

But the wise ones are calm, knowing what to expect, what the outcome will be. Waiting in anxious anticipation.

The baby is about to be born......

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