Monday, June 8, 2009

Way of Life, (Judaism)

© 2005

Abraham, the first Jew,
brought monotheism into view.

Yet where is G‑d in Judaism, you may ask?
To find where G‑d isn't in Judaism, that's the real task.

Judaism is not a religion, but a life.
In all the things that you do, you have to be a Jew.
If there is a part of man's life, that can't become G‑dly,
then G‑d is limited, which is an oddity.

There is a part of the world, that G‑d Himself created,
and yet it can't be elevated?

Intellect, emotion, the body, the physical world,
all were created to be elevated.

Intellect‑ through the learning of Torah.
Emotion‑ through love and fear of G‑d.
The body‑ through action in the doing of Mitzvahs.
The physical world‑ by using everything for a G‑dly purpose.

Food- is elevated through blessings.
Clothes- have Tzitzis.
A house- has a Mezuzah.
Relationships- through the laws of Tzniut.
Business- through laws of commerce.
Also Each holiday,
stretches us in a new way.

At times we use our intellectual capacity,
studying all night before Shavous with tenacity.

At times we go above intellect and arouse emotions,
when we say only Tehillim on Rosh Hashana, with no commotion.

On Yom Kippur day,
the only thing we do is pray.

At other times we use our body's strength,
to build a Succah, and shake the Lulav's entire length.

Our worldly possessions, are put under the Succah's ceiling,
table and chairs, and our entire being.

We have the ability to be sincere,
in elevating the Creation, every day of the year.

People and the world, in perfect harmony,
bringing out the best, in a melodious symphony.

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