Friday, June 5, 2009

Chicken Soup

© 2005

They say, that it's hard to be a Jew,
but even though, that may be true,

nevertheless, they forget to say,
how beautiful it is, each and every day.

Why, how can people live life and not droop,
without Zadies and Bubbies, Yiddish,

and oh yes, chicken soup!
Everyone knows, that when someone is sick,
one hot bowl of chicken soup, always does the trick,

and whenever I hear an "Oy Vey",
I know that trouble, is on the way.
But you know, what really makes me proud,
So proud I'm a Jew, I want to yell it out loud?

It's the beautiful Torah, that is our precious possession,
that makes me weep, with overwhelming emotion.

The secrets of the universe, the wisdom of the ages,
all in one book, that is explained by the sages.
Chicken soup is fine once a week,
but the Torah is our life, and it's so sweet.

Just like a father and son,
a Jew and the Torah, are truly one.

So, being a Jew may be hard, like they say,
but life without the Torah, "Oy Vey!"

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