Monday, June 8, 2009

Living (Sefer Torah)

© 2005

My name is Sefer Torah, and I'm so proud,
because three days a week, I'm read out loud.

My children hold me so lovingly,
and when I go by, they kiss me so sweetly.

When I'm held up for all to see,
everyone rises, and looks at me.

All the letters that are written on me,
are really one long name of Hashem, so Holy.
So every time someone reads from me,
their hidden soul jumps with glee.

When someone needs a blessing, and is in need,
I'm the one they ask, to help with speed.
Simchas Torah is so much fun,
everyone dances with me, father and son.

They become my feet for a day,
up and down together we sway.

Everyone is so happy and gay,
that they have a holy Torah to display.
But you know what makes me feel great all day,
it's when little children listen, to what I have to say.

For I am a gift from Hashem to His nation,
I tell them how to be holy, and good in any situation.

My whole being, my essence is only to give,
so please study me ,so that I can live.

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