Monday, June 8, 2009

The Final Touch (Marriage)

© 2005

Two separate people standing together,
soon to be united in an essential way.

The canopy of stars is like a glass,
that focuses the infinite G‑dly light.

The Chupah that is above their heads,
brings the light even closer.

The holy blessings on the wine,
bring the G‑dly flow, into the boundaries of the world.
Then the ring, the final touch.
The final seal that unites them together.

Two parts of one soul that became lost,
have finally found one another again.

They now belong to no one else,
but each other.

The King and Queen, in their royal elegance,
radiate a glow, that illuminates the darkness.

They have transversed the universe, with a heavenly beam,
that has the force, to make the finite infinite.

Now, together they stand, one being,
the distance between them is nonexistent.
The world halts for an instant,
its natural course interrupted by the holiness.

The universe is but a frame
that revolves around them.

Only decoration to add
to the beauty of the moment.

They have reached a new level,
they have been transformed, forever.

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