Friday, June 5, 2009


© 2005

"You're too religious for me,
you're closed‑minded, don't you see."

"You're an extremist,
the values of society, you don't trust."

"I'm embarrassed, to talk about G‑d,
I'm modern, and He's just a facade."
It seems the more, in G‑d you believe,
the more extreme, you are perceived.

If you don't look like everyone else, that's O.K.,
but if it's for religious reasons, Oy Vey!
But who is really closed‑minded,
do people look beyond this world, which is one‑sided?

The world's ideas and fads, come and go,
they leave, with nothing to show.

Not long ago, everyone wore hats,
and women wore dresses, down to the mat.

Society thought, a lot differently then,
now people think, they're more advanced to no end.

Just because, we are more knowledgeable physically,
doesn't mean, we have also progressed spiritually.

Scientists didn't discover anything new,
it was already there, they just brought it into view.
Yet people now think they're right,
but in a few years, they'll change their mind's sight.

Their views are manipulated, by what they read and see,
by what everybody else is doing, and TV.
Torah defines man's eternal presence,
since the soul never changes, its essence.

Torah's ideas haven't changed from the mean,
it's the world, that has become extreme.

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