Friday, June 5, 2009

The Royal Prisoner (Israel)

© 2005

A land so holy,
the palace of the King.

But it's not just a physical place,
rather, the meeting point, of creation and Creator.

Her heart is Jerusalem, her holiest city,
the Temple Mount, her holiest point.

Here lies the door, to the heavens,
the time warp, to another dimension.

The center of the universe,
that all things revolve around.
She lies in wait, for the great day,
when she will reach, her true glory.

When all her children, will come home,
then her true beauty, will be revealed.
Now she cries for her family,
waiting impatiently, for their return.

Wanting to hug them with loving arms,
and tender kisses.

She is seen only as a place,
while her spirit is ignored,

a beacon of G‑dliness,
shining through the darkness.
She is very sensitive,
she can't take unholiness.

A prisoner of time,
longing for freedom,

waiting for her gallant warrior to release her,
from the chains of exile.

Wanting to bring peace and happiness to the world,
she silently waits.....

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