Monday, June 8, 2009

We Are Right

© 2005

I’m right, your wrong,
It would be funny if it was only a song.
But when it comes to relationships,
it becomes a force that separates.

Up, down, inside-out,
which one is right is open to doubt.
But if it is peace that we seek,
then I must respect you, and you must respect me.

We don’t have to be the same,
in order to be sane,
rather our differences can be our strengths,
instead of causing friction, to fight at lenght.

Like a zipper, each side unites with the other,
so too, you and I can become brothers.

One and one can’t unite,
until we reach a higher light.
The light of the Torah is the only way,
to leave the confines of every day.

I understand you, and you understand me,
that’s the key,
to solve the age old mystery.

Instead of endlessly arguing over whose right,
we listen to each other and stop the fight.
So let’s both try to see,
if I can understand you, and you can understand me.
Then the whole world will come together,
and there will be happiness forever.

For peace is not just nice and pleasing,
it also has power to bring blessing.
For G-d is revealed in a place of peace.

Then we can touch the infinite,
and help the world become the Garden-of-Eden.
And then we all, will become greater.

So come let’s soar to the greatest heights,
and see the world in a different light.
Then we will realize how foolish we were,
to act like children and be so absurd.

For we will have Moshiach,
and be able to reach our true potential.

When G-d is revealed there will be true joy,
and everyone will always be happy without toys.

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