Monday, June 8, 2009


© 2005

Dear Hashem,
I'm writing You this letter, to make amends.

I'm sorry I offended You, all this time,
but I didn't realize, what I was doing was a crime.

One day I found out, who You are,
and realized, how I was far.

Now I can only apologize,
for all the wrong I did, in Your eyes.
I'm trying to do better now,
I'm going to make it up to You, somehow.

I'm very thankful, that You forgive,
now I know, what it means to live.

I'm only human, as You well know,
but I am trying, to grow.
I would like to ask You a favor, if I may,
could You please bring Moshiach, today?

We've been waiting so long,
we can't always help it, if we do wrong.

Your children have passed the test,
we've tried, to do our best.

There has been so much good, done until now,
can't You bring Moshiach, somehow?
You made this world, in order to bring out our best,
we've tried, to do our part, now could You do the rest?

Your children are crying out, to You,
"We want Moshiach", each and every Jew.

You know, that all Jews are inwardly good,
do as You tell us, "judge them with merit," if You could.
So if You can find it in Your "heart",
please bring him now, so that we can make a fresh start!

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