Friday, June 5, 2009

Gefilte Fish

© 2005

Oh, my gefilte fish,
you fulfill my every wish.

When I eat you once a week,
I feel so unique.
There you lie on my plate,
oh, I just can't wait.

You make my week complete,
with you, nothing can compete.

When I put my horseradish on top,
why, the whole world stops.

I don't know how anyone,
can last a whole week, without one.

My mother's gefilte fish every week,
feeds my soul, and puts it back on its feet.

Oh, I can't wait,
Shabbos comes so late.
Gefilte fish, oh, gefilte fish,
every time I eat you I speak Yiddish!

The world doesn't know, what it's missing,
you're so good and pleasing.

I could eat a ton,
but then that would be, too much fun!

I like you so much,
I could eat you morning, evening, and lunch.
So come and join me, won't you,
why it's great to be a Jew!

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