Friday, June 5, 2009


© 2005

Oh my precious beard,
you make me look a bit weird.

Some people say, I look ten years older.
"Can't you at least trim it, and look more sober?"

It's amazing what a difference, a little hair makes,
if I was a rock star, they wouldn't shake.
But I grow it because, of a different reason,
it's not because, it's in this season.

It's the spiritual connection, between intellect and emotion,
but I never thought, it would make such a commotion.

Each thin, precious hair,
is a channel, for the G‑dly light's flare.

And in the Torah it says,
not to cut your beard, with a razor's edge.

Cutting with a non‑razor, is permitted that's plain,
but a beard is much cheaper, and easier to maintain.
I wonder if Moses's mother in Egypt,
asked him to trim his beard, or she'd flip.

My poor beard, all the abuse that it takes,
nobody knows, that it's actually fake.

I bought it for a dollar ninety‑nine,
doesn't it look great all the time!

My own beard is short and scraggly,
so I wear one on top, that makes me look manly.

Hey, if people can buy toupees,
then I can buy a beard, that's so long that it sways.

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