Friday, June 5, 2009


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The year 1000

David, we were born in the wrong century.
What do you mean, Aaron?

What do I mean? Why in a thousand years they'll have fancy cars, Presidents, TV, paper money, billionaires and...

I get the idea, David. You mean, we have to wait a thousand years to be happy.

Yeah, that's right Aaron. We're just not very lucky.

Yeah, you're right David. How can anyone be happy, without any of those things?
But Aaron, why are our kids happy?

Oh, they don't know any better, Aaron. Once they get older, and we tell them what they don't have, then they'll be depressed just like us.

You're right, David. They don't know enough, to be de­pressed yet.
Well Aaron, what should we complain about next?

I don't know, David, what do you think?

That's easy, Aaron, what about...

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