Friday, June 5, 2009


© 2005

At first, one, united.
Bound up in the Bundle of Life ‑‑ a soul.
Then, suddenly torn away, pushed far away.

Where am I? Only a voyager, floating in an empty sea.

Finally, another world, enwrapped in a different peace, a different warmth, a different oneness. So strange, where is...? Feeling, changing‑‑ existence.
The serenity is suddenly broken! Turmoil, violent motion; what's happening?
Again, torn from another home, thrust into another unknown abyss. What now, what now?

Something coming in from the outside, never experienced before. The darkness vanishes.
My companion retches at the overwhelming brightness of light! Its piercing force is un­bearable!
He cries out in terrible agony‑‑birth!

I feel something warm, reminding me of the warmth of...
Now we are being held, touched; wanting to speak, but neither of us able.
Years have passed. My companion has grown, given every­thing he wants and more. While I'm totally ignored, left to starve.

Doesn't he know that I'm here? Doesn't he know that we both have to live, or we'll both ...?

How much longer do I have to wait, why can't I leave now? Why should I stay? The silent agony, is unbearable.
Then, an invisible light, totally different than any other.
Not blinding, but warm; at last.

A beauty I've never felt, even greater than the one before.
Two total strangers, together discovering their own long‑lost father‑‑Teshuvah.

Where did the light and ecstasy come from, that are so powerful, they can combine both flesh and spirit?

Where else, but from a creation of the Creator, the Giver of Life.

Torah, ‑‑ Light‑‑ True Oneness!

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