Friday, June 5, 2009


© 2005

Lifelong friends‑ no even more; father and son‑ no, even more...

Doing things, sometimes not even knowing why; but not asking, making us that much closer.

Sometimes the requests are unbearable; but never notic­ing, pushing beyond.

My awe of him is overwhelming.

I want to know him, but not knowing how. Nonetheless, I keep trying.

We laugh together, cry together. We share things no one else knows, or will ever know.

We are one. Bound by an eternal bond, that goes beyond words, one that cannot be shaken.

Inseparable, constantly growing together, never alone.

Now, as I think back, I realize all he's done for me; before only thinking about what I've done for him.

I'm choked with emotion, how can I ever...

He understands. His endless patience never falters.

Even though at times he is totally ignored, he knows, it's only because of foolishness, that in time will pass.

All these years, how could I hurt him so?

He doesn't care, as though it never happened.
He only wants us to go forward together, that I should carry on in his footsteps.

I'm his arms, his legs, making him proud of me.

He's always giving. So caring, so caring...
Finally, one with G‑d.

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