Monday, June 8, 2009


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Imagine a world with 50% less ego. The positive effect on the world would be extraordinary.

Everyone would naturally want to share wealth, food, knowledge, resources, etc. A world, where differences will fall away, and you will see only the good in the other person. The way life was meant to be.

Let’s start now to live an utopian reality, and try to make it a reality now.
Imagine getting just as much pleasure in helping someone else, as you get from helping yourself. Give, rather than take.

Care. You are special person inside, why not bring it out so that everyone can benefit.

There are two types of people- givers and takers. A giver, even his taking, is giving. A taker, even his giving, is taking.

When a giver takes something from you, he feels obligated to give you something in return. When a taker gives you something, he is only doing it, in order to get something.

Imagine a world, where everyone says hello to each other, where everyone, is sincerely happy to see you. Where people in their spare time, discuss how to help someone else.

Imagine a world, in which the person who gives away the most money, is respected; and not the person, who makes the most money.

Imagine children, that are always happy, and never cry. Who always help their parents.

No one is competing with each other, to out do the other person, rather, they are competing to do the most for each other.

The person who is considered wealthy, is the one who has a lots of children, who learns a lot of Torah, and has good Middos, and gives lots of Tzedeka.

TV shows, are only about teaching about Hashem and his Torah; and everyone always says: Baruch Hashem!

Airplane tickets to Las Vegas, cost one-million dollars; whereas tickets to the Kossel, are free.

Husbands and wives, never argue.

Businessmen, that try to make their products last as long as possible, and sell them as cheap as possible.

The government of all countries, are Rabbonin, that are consulted on everything that the country does.

The people who make millions of dollars, are people who know a lot of Torah.

Imagine children that say:
Hello mommy, can I help you sweep the floor? Hello Tatie, can I shine your shoes for you?

Thank you mommy, for making me supper. Thank you Tatie, for teaching me Torah.

Shimon my dear brother, can I help you with your homework? Rachel my loving sister, let me carry that upstairs?

Hello Mr. Gold, let me bring that into the house. Hello Mrs. Fine, can I go shopping for you?

Rebbe Schwartz, would you please teach us more Torah?

I don't want to watch TV mom, I'm doing my homework.

Mom, I found a wallet, and I'm going to call the owner.

I have to go to bed early, so I can get up on time.

Tatie, Rachel and I are going to set the table.

Mom, I'll baby-sit Leah, so you can go to the class.

I'm going to clean my room, so mom won't have too.

Mom's asleep, I'll wait till she wakes up, for my supper.

Tatie, I'm calling to let you know, I'll be home late. Reuvan is coming over, and we're going to finish the Gemorah.

I give Tzedekah every day, and I give extra before Shabbos.

I can't wait till I'm old enough to put on Tefillin.

Tatie, can I leave the table to wash my hands?

Mom, this is my new friend Yossie, he just moved in next door.

I'm going to repair all the Siddurs in the Synagogue.

Shimon is sick, I'm going to stay home and take care of him.

I’m going to speak very softly, in order to not upset mom.

Mr. grocer, you gave me to much change, take this back.

I'm going to save my allowance to buy Seforim. I want to learn as much Torah as I can.

Just imagine!

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