Monday, June 8, 2009

The Cold Planet (Story)

© 2005

What's a matter Colonel Isaacson, where's my power?
I don't know captain, we've got the most powerful warp engines in the universe on full power, but we're still being drawn into the cold planet.

What's pulling us colonel?
I don't know captain, I've never seen anything like it!

Sound the general alarm, Sargent. Battle stations!
Yes, captain.

Issue arms to every man women and child on the ship, there's no telling what we're up against.
Yes, sir.

Shimon, what did your analysis turn up?
Very little captain. This planet has been a mystery for hundreds of years. None of our instruments has been able to penetrate into the planet. It seems, that everything gets absorbed and deactivated. That's why it's called the cold planet, because it sucks the life out of everything that comes near it.
I see.

There's no planet like it in the universe. It's pitch black. No color, no movement, it just hangs there. It doesn't give off a sound.

Very strange, very strange. Well, I guess well soon find out for ourselves.

Captain, it seems that the more energy we use trying to escape the planets's pull, the faster we get pulled in, it's unbelievable.

In that case Shimon turn off all engines.
But captain...
No buts, we have nothing to lose; you see that we're helpless, and that nothing we've tried so far, has worked.
Power is off, captain.

Captain, it worked! We've stopped descending!

Reuvan, spread the word, we're stopping all power.
But captain the ship can't function without power.
Do we have a choice?

You're right captain, I'll spread the word.

Shimon, what's our situation?
It seems we're hanging in space captain. We've come almost to a stop.
What do you mean almost?

Well, we're still being pulled in, but at a very slow rate.
How long do we have before we're in?
That's hard to say captain, but anywhere between eight to nine days.
At least that gives us some time, to try and figure something out.

But captain, with no power we can't use the computers.
Shimon, the computers can't help us anyway. If we're going to get out of this, we'll have to do it on our own.

All right, it's time for Minchah. Let's pray hard. Remember, Eliyahu was answered at Minchah time.

Reuvan, spread the word, we're lighting the Channuka candles on time tonight.

But captain, maybe it's better if only one person lights for everyone else, a burning candle also produces energy. Just think about all the energy that will be re­leased, if all the people on this ship light candles.
After all, this is a case of Pekuach Nefesh, the less energy we use, the better.

And what do you think Channuka candles represent. The Jews belief in Hashem, gave them the strength to fight, even though it seemed there was no way to win.
Everyone is lighting there own Menorah, as usual!
Yes captain.
Rabbi Goldstein, being that you are our spiritual leader, will you please light your Menorah first?
Yes captain, I'd be glad to. Baruch Ato...

Thank you Rabbi, that little candle looks beautiful burning there.

Captain! Captain!
Shimon! Why aren't you in the control room?
But captain, we've stopped descending. As a matter of fact, we're being pushed away from the planet.
What caused it?
I don't know captain, it happened suddenly.

Everyone listen, everyone should light their candles together right now, hurry!

Captain, we're being repelled from the planet at an unbelievably rate!
Shimon, turn on all engines.
Away from the planet, captain?
No Shimon straight for it!
But captain.
Straight for it Shimon.
Yes captain.

Captain, it's pushing us away so strongly, we can't get closer to it. We're just able to stabilize our position here, about two light years from it's surface.
That's fine Shimon, just hold us right here.

But captain, what if we start getting sucked back into it again, we'll never be able to get out!
Let me worry about that Shimon. Announce, that everyone should relax until tomorrow night.
Yes captain.
Shimon, announce that everyone should meet in the main hall to light the Channuka candles.
Yes captain.

Rabbi, will you do the honors again?
Yes captain.
Baruch Ato...
OK, everyone light.

Captain, captain!
What is it Shimon?
We're moving closer to the planet, at a tremendous rate of speed. But there's one difference this time.
What is it Shimon?

This time we're flying in, and not being sucked in. There's still a force pushing us out, but it is only half of its original strength.
Just as I thought Shimon.
Captain, we've stopped our descent. It looks like were in limbo again, about one light year from the surface.
OK Shimon, keep me posted.

OK everyone, after candle lighting, you can all return to your quarters until tomorrow night.
Shimon, announce for everyone to meet again in the main hall. It's the last night of Channuka, this is it.

What's going to happen tonight captain.
I don't know exactly Shimon, but we're going to find out soon... ____________

OK Rabbi, let's try it one last time.
Baruch Ato...
OK, everyone together now, Baruch Ato..
Captain, the force, its disappeared. And the planet...
What Shimon, what?
The black has disappeared, now there's ... there's light coming from it!
That's amazing!

Shimon, scan the planet and analyze it's makeup.
Yes, captain.
Captain, it has all the necessary nutrients for life, an extremely rich planet, but it's totally barren.
Just as I thought. Reuvan prepare a seeding packet, we're going to make this planet bloom.
Yes captain.

Yes Shimon.
I don't understand. How could a planet as rich as this one, not have any sign of life on it? And what caused it, to become black?

Shimon, this planet has been sitting out here at the end of the universe, for centuries. There has never been a Mitzvah done, within light years of here.

The Other‑Side was able to take over this planet, and suck all the life out of it. Wherever you find coldness and lack of life, you find the Other‑Side. When we came and lit our Channuka candles, it broke its hold, and the light was released.

I only wish that the light of the Menorah would fill every corner of universe, then the other side would be totally destroyed, and Moshiach would be here!

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