Friday, June 5, 2009

Innocence (Babies)


What are these feelings, that make life worthwhile,
every time, that I see a baby smile?

So innocent, soft, and so sweet, the petal of a flower can't begin to compete.

What makes them so extraordinarily delicious, even though, they're so mischievous?

They can't walk, they can't even talk,
they just look around, and sort of gawk.
But when they grow older, they're not as sweet, as when they are helpless, and so petite. Why does this bundle, so small and so weak, have the power, to make me weep?
I think that the answer may be,
that they are so innocent, and pure as can be. '

They really want only one thing, just to be loved,
that makes them sing.

This is all that they truly need,
so very simple, I'm sure you'll concede.
May the sleeping baby that is in me,
wake up, and help me to see.

For the innocence that we all feel,
is our precious soul, so soft and so real.
So may we all reveal the child in us, once again,
and bring joy to the world, with no end.

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