Friday, June 5, 2009

Nothing is Something

© 2005

What is the most important part of a bejeweled silver goblet? Is it the magnificently sparkling jewels, the beautifully finished silver; or maybe even, the skilled craftsmanship, that intricately combines all of the beauty, into a wondrous work of art?
The answer is: None of these!

The purpose of making the goblet, is to be a vessel, with which to drink. So what is the most important part of the vessel?

Its "contained‑emptiness".

If not for this, it wouldn't be a goblet. Despite all the jewels, the silver, and the crafts­manship, it would not be fulfilling its purpose for being created.

The external container is not impor­tant by itself; it is the actual use of it, to serve man, that gives it its true value.
If a person does not fill the vessel, but only admires the exterior, he will eventually die of thirst, G‑d forbid.

The same is true of all existence.

The world was originally created by G‑d to be a vessel. The external part of the vessel, was strewn with innumerable jewels, diamonds, gold, etc., an endless assortment of materials and means, for physical pleasure.

But, as with a precious goblet, if we only admire the exterior, yet never fill the physical vessel of life, we will also slowly die of thirst. Not a physical death, but a spiritual one.

For you see, the world was created to be a vessel for G‑d,
but He left the filling to us!

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