Monday, June 8, 2009

A Man (Bar Mitzvah)

© 2005

Today I become a man,
I've tried to do, the best I can.

Today I become obligated,
to do the Mitzvahs, that are consecrated.

I now have the spiritual power,
to do a Mitzvah, and have it tower.
When I put on Tefillin now,
it has the power, to affect the world somehow.

Through the Bris, the soul becomes more revealed,
and at thirteen, it becomes even less concealed.

That's why to have a Bar‑Mitzvah, you don't go to college,
since it doesn't depend on intelligence or knowledge.
Everyone is so happy and joyous,
because I have the privilege of doing Mitzvahs.

They are also so very proud and full of elation,
that I am link in the Jewish nation.

With an aliya to the Torah I am honored,
following in the footsteps of my forefathers.

I also explain, from the Torah, a holy concept,
that shows I am bound to its eternal precepts.
Thirteen is such a tender age,
to start to become a future sage.

My father and mother are both beaming,
I've followed their example and kept learning.

For thirteen years I've grown and matured,
to now be able to say these words.

I'm sure Moses is looking at me,
and smiling broadly with glee.
As I begin to read the Torah so clear,
my mother lets out a streaming tear.

Just yesterday it seems,
I was just a baby in jeans.

Now I stand in front of the nation,
leading the way for the future generation.

Today I become a man,
now able to complete G‑d's plan.

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