Monday, June 8, 2009

The Time Has Come

© 2005

The tiny bundle changing daily, ever so subtly.

The seeds were laid from the beginning of time, only now reaching fruition.
Finally, it has reached its climax. It is now ready for the daring move, into a new life, totally different than the one before.
A bit apprehensive, to take the last breath-taking step, but now there is no turning back.

The instinct that is hidden deep, begins to activate.
Pushed forward by an unrelenting, invisible force.
The contortions begin, twisting and turning in all directions.
Finally, after a long struggle, there is a tiny break.
Another intense battle, but at last it succeeds; the small break, becomes a gaping hole.
“I’m out! Freedom at last!”
Once an apprehension, now overwhelming joy.

Everything is changing, my feelings, my thinking, the world around. All moving so fast.
What was once beyond grasp, is now easily understood.
Being able to do things, that once seemed impossible.
The feeling is beyond description, rolling throughout my being.
I discover my glorious wings, and begin to fly in all directions.
Soaring up as far as the eye can see,
and then diving down. Totally exhilarating.

The transformation, is far beyond my wildest imagination.
My hesitance is now long forgotten, as though it never was.
A new being, a new life, a new world.
Like a child, that has become an adult;
the world has reached maturity.
It has finally achieved the purpose of its creation.

The ugly worm, has turned into a beautiful butterfly.
Now able to perceive G-dliness, and not be blinded.
As Moshiach’s light pierces through the black hole,
G-dly energy ripples throughout the universe.

The previous world is a distance memory,
now hard to believe that it ever existed.

All of history has been transformed into beauty and grace.
Now a butterfly, that has finally spreads its wings and fly......

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