Monday, June 8, 2009


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The first book in the Torah, is Breshis,
it talks about how Hashem, created the world.

The first letter in the Torah is "Bet",
which stands for blessing.

The word Torah itself, stands for "Horah",
which means, "to teach a lesson" in life.

The first Tractate in the Talmud, is Brachot,
which talks about blessings.

The first topic talked about in Brachot
is the Shema, the affirmation of one G‑d.

The first thing a child learns to say,
is the Shema.

The first thing we say when we wake up,
is "Modei Ani", a recognition of G‑d.

The first thing we do in the morning is pray,
then we go to work.

The first thing we do before we eat,
is make a blessing.

The first fruits of a field,
are given to Hashem.

Abraham, the first Jew,
was the first to recognize one G‑d.

The first commandment is,
"I am the Lord your G‑d."

The word Jew, comes from the Hebrew word "Yehudi",
which means, "one who acknowledges G‑d."

The word Hebrew itself, comes from "Ivri",
which means, "to stand apart" from idol worship.
Prayer unites us with Hashem, for the day.
Shabbath reveals G‑d, in the week.

Every month, there is Rosh Chodesh,
Yom Kippur for the year, when we start fresh.

The inanimate is elevated, when used for a Mitzvah,
the plant and animal kingdoms when eaten with blessings.

In space and time, in every aspect of our lives,
we reveal the G‑dly, for which we strive.

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