Monday, June 8, 2009

A Friend (Mezuzah)

© 2005

I have a little Mezuzah, and I kiss it every day,
every time I walk by it, it has something to say.

It's in the box, waiting for me to come by,
so that as I pass, I can say hi!

There it hangs, on the doorpost protecting me,
and I always wonder, if it can see.

We put one, on all the doorways of our home,
because Hashem is all around, wherever we might roam.

When my father put it up, he said a special blessing,
he knew it by heart, there was no guessing.

It has the holy Shema on it, and another prayer,
and when I kiss it, I acknowledge Hashem is everywhere.
Written so carefully, by the holy scribe,
only he knows ,how to make it alive.

Each letter and each crown,
formed so skillfully, it's the best one in town.

It goes on the right side of the doorpost,
that's the side of kindness, which we need most.

And when I go to sleep,
my little Mezuzah, makes sure I don't weep.

I know, that just like I need a checkup now and then,
once in awhile, my Mezuzah needs a mend.

I learned in school today,
that before we came out of Egypt of old,
we had to put a sign on our doors,
to show Hashem, that we would do His Mitzvahs as told.

And when He saw the sign on our doorway,
He passed over our houses and the bad angel turned away.
When I grow up, and have my own home,
I want the best Mezuzahs, that I can own!

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